Suns Season Finale Cancelled Due to Rain

Game Recap

By: Kyle Crooks / Jacksonville Suns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., – The Jacksonville Suns (28-41, 57-81) and Mississippi Braves (36-32, 69-67) season finale Monday afternoon from Bragan Field was cancelled due to rain in the second inning.

The Braves would strike first in the top of the second, after a walk to Rio Ruiz, and a double by Matt Kennelly that set a pair of runners in scoring position, Sean Godfrey grounded a run-scoring groundout to first to leap his squad ahead 1-0.

In the second, a walk to Jacksonville’s Elliot Soto, and a double by next batter to the plate Chadd Krist, knotted the tally at one.

This contest marks the final game of Bragan Family ownership in Jacksonville.

The 2015 season of Suns baseball is presented by EverBank, the official banking partner of the Jacksonville Suns. Sponsorships, group outings, and season/individual game tickets are currently available by calling the Suns front office at (904) 358-2846.


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